SMA gains momentum in the Robotic Book Scanning Market

After years of development the SMA line of robotic book scanners has finally taken off. Several units of the ROBO SCAN 0 and ROBO SCAN 1 have been installed in North America, Asia and Europe.

At CeBIT this year a new robotic scanner was introduced: The ROBO SCAN V2 is able to scan books up to A2 in a v-shaped book cradle. The robotic scanning process includes the use of a v-shaped glass plate.

A major advantage of the ROBO SCAN V2 is the fact that the robotic function can be deactivated. Problematic books can be scanned manually. The ROBO SCAN V2 offers the functionality of two scanners in one. Moreover the v-shaped book cradle can be converted into a flat table which allows to scan unbound single sheet originals.

The first units will be shipped this month to North America.