MediaINFO Digital Library System

Giving Life to Digitized Content

MediaINFO is the most sophisticated Digital Library System in the market. It is a unique software solution for easy viewing, browsing, searching, cataloging and sharing digitized books, manuscripts, technical drawings, art or any other digital content.

MediaINFO is tailored for large-scale projects of libraries, archives, publishers, ministries and anybody with large quantities of digitized materials.

  • Capable of handling large amount of data like no other digital library in the market
  • Expandable in size
  • Customizable
  • Multilingual
  • Can extract images from bibliographic systems
  • Handles mixed media (images, video and audio files)
  • Adding or editing of meta data
  • Offers dynamic fields
  • Authentication through LDAP
  • Correction of OCR
  • Geolocations can be added
  • Extracts text, images or pages
  • Translates
  • Annotates
  • Paginates
  • Watermarking