SMA 51 8K

Say I’m Your Number One ! ! !

The SMA 51 archive writer is the Number One 16/35 mm archive writer in the market. With hundreds of installations around the globe the SMA 51 archive writer has made a name for itself. With the introduction of 8k technology the SMA 51 8K has reached a completely new level!

  • The first 35 mm roll film archive writer in the world
  • By far the most widespread 16/35 mm archive writer around the world
  • Rock solid long-term preservation on human readable media
  • Outstanding image quality
  • Very high productivity
  • Converts images of all sizes
  • Comes with PC workstation
  • Upgradable to microfiche
  • 16 & 35 mm archive writer
  • Utilized standard microfilm of all brands
  • 8K technology which creates tremendous film quality
  • Converts up to 7,200 images per hour
  • All film lengths from 30 m to 600 m rolls can be handled